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  • Kellie Price

    I think I'd cry if we won this!!! I'd be a stunned mullet like that time we met Dannii!

    Feb 12 at 02:48am

  • Rebecca Scilipoti

    Kylie would be so happy to see us !

    Feb 12 at 01:18am

  • Judith Ann

    Peter Gerard South Australia. I should be soooo Lucky! :)

    Feb 12 at 12:51am

  • Emma Jane Howe

    Matt Mears omg this would be amazing please !! NSW

    Feb 12 at 12:39am

  • Rebecca Delamotte

    i should be so lucky lucky lucky lucky... in <3 if someone would Kiss me once

    Feb 12 at 12:04am

  • Shara-Lea Grant

    I could be so lucky, lucky and so lucky?? I wishRebecca Delamottee ??NSW

    Feb 12 at 12:03am

  • Rebecca Delamotte

    Shara-Lea Grant oh yesss

    Feb 12 at 12:01am

  • Stephanie Swanson

    Linda Swanson Victoria ?? This would be an absolute dream come true, fingers crossed!! ??

    Feb 11 at 11:52pm

  • Judi Adams

    Suzannah Kerr we so should be there, all the way from TASMANIA

    Feb 11 at 11:51pm

  • Rebecca Delamotte

    Emma Kate Shorter wow... this would be so awesome... <3 <3 <3

    Feb 11 at 11:50pm

  • Tania Knight

    Queensland should be so lucky...lucky, lucky, lucky as lucky as Karen Goodhew O'Connor & I would be if we won.

    Feb 11 at 10:27pm

  • Tahnya Baillie

    So excited about this comp!! I so want to win ?? thanks Hayley

    Feb 11 at 10:17pm

  • Maree Sawka

    Ohhhhh if onlyyyy!!!

    Feb 11 at 09:34pm

  • John Froberg

    It would be awesome to see Kylie in Sydney a dream come true. Geordan Goldstein

    Feb 11 at 03:50pm

  • Alison Cox-Holstein

    Wow, that would be a bit special

    Feb 11 at 03:38pm

  • Jen Ryan

    Oh I would be Spinning Around with excitement

    Feb 11 at 03:06pm

  • Angela Ruberto Sbragi

    OMGosh this would be so amazing Ashley Waser NSW !!!!

    Feb 11 at 02:03pm

  • Kylie Kennedy-Climpton

    Natasha Kennedy Victoria. I would just die to meet her!!!

    Feb 11 at 01:57pm

  • Lily Cunningham

    Stacey Taylor wanna do the locomotion with me. It's better the devil you know! ?? WA

    Feb 11 at 01:56pm

  • Stephen Papadopoulos

    NSW - Brooke Thomson

    Feb 11 at 01:54pm

  • Michelle Beaton

    Jo Boulter, Victoria. If I should be so lucky......

    Feb 11 at 01:52pm

  • Sharlene Connors

    Vic, Martin Bates I don't know what it is, but I can't you out of my head, coz we should be so lucky, as we would do the locomotion together! He he he

    Feb 11 at 01:49pm

  • Melina Ielati

    OMG ... we could step back in time for a night and make our dreams come true!

    Feb 11 at 01:49pm

  • Nicole Economos

    Briana Morson NSW Kylie has been an Australian princess since our childhood,with infectious tracks and empowering career she is a true inspiration!

    Feb 11 at 01:40pm

  • Nicole Baker-Bryson

    I don't mind. I got that little cutie the best seats in the house and he is gonna LOVE it,

    Feb 11 at 01:23pm

  • Alexandra Tanos Lambadaridis

    Victoria! Margarita Panayi Mavroudis wouldn't it be nice? Been waiting a long 28 years for this opportunity !!

    Feb 11 at 01:13pm

  • Suez David

    Lydia Newton .....can't get you out of my head ..VICTORIA ??????

    Feb 11 at 01:12pm

  • Nicole Baker-Bryson

    So adorable but I already spent a small fortune purchasing front row VIP seats :-)

    Feb 11 at 01:10pm

  • Michelle Wheeler

    Debbie Goodlet Queensland because you are the only one I know who will go with me :)

    Feb 11 at 01:06pm

  • Vanessa Phillips

    Kylie McKivett now this would be awesome!!! WA

    Feb 11 at 01:04pm

  • Lydia Newton

    Suez David VIC.. I should be so lucky lucky lucky :)

    Feb 11 at 01:01pm

  • Pina Ielati

    Melina...we could FINALLY make those childhood dreams come true! WA.

    Feb 11 at 12:56pm

  • Tanya Fullarton

    Geordan Goldstein how excited would we be to win this in VIC

    Feb 11 at 12:56pm

  • Gloria Goodchild- Mosca

    Warren GOODCHILD Western Australia .. This would be a dream come true ?? <3

    Feb 11 at 12:56pm

  • Jodie Kas

    WA Laura Jones we should be so lucky. Lucky, lucky, lucky!!!

    Feb 11 at 12:55pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    On a night like this you could be a VIP at Kylie Minogue's Kiss Me Once Tour. Simply tag a friend and tell us your state in the comments below before 5pm 19 February and you’ll go in the draw to win a VIP experience. With one prize pack per state to give away, you could be so lucky. T&Cs apply http://on.fb.me/1CeR9KV

    Feb 11 at 12:54pm

  • Tanya Peters

    My husband has a crush on Kylie....lol Mark Peters

    Feb 11 at 12:50pm

  • Belinda J Burns

    i could be so lucky lucky lucky !!! NSW Jen Ryan this would be amazing!

    Feb 11 at 12:44pm

  • Emma Brown

    I'm super excited! :-)

    Feb 4 at 11:15pm

  • James Young

    So pumped Emma !

    Feb 4 at 10:54pm

  • Shane Jackson

    Already got mine :p

    Feb 4 at 09:35pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    Visa Entertainment Australia shared STYLECREEPER.COM's photo.

    Feb 4 at 05:29pm

  • Rona Ellis

    We are so going .....

    Feb 3 at 09:58pm

  • Jesse Craig

    Sounds awesome!

    Feb 3 at 08:44pm

  • Sinan Brown

    James Byers let's go baby

    Feb 3 at 12:34pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    Don’t miss your chance to see USA vs Canada at the 2015 Ice Hockey Classic! Get tickets first with Visa Entertainment. Pre-sale starts 9am Wed 4 Feb. More: http://bit.ly/1z3gwBP

    Feb 3 at 11:03am

  • Visa Entertainment

    Heading to St Jerome's Laneway Festival? Make sure you bring your Visa payWave card for your chance to win a VIP trip to Laneway Singapore 2016! More: http://bit.ly/1ulDYdH

    Feb 1 at 01:33am

  • Visa Entertainment

    See yourself at St Jerome's Laneway Festival Singapore 2016 as a VIP! Just use #Visa payWave at the bar this year to win. #laneway2015 More: http://bit.ly/1ulDYdH

    Jan 31 at 11:30pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    Are you a Les Misérables Australia fan? Then this competition is the dream you've dreamed of! You and a mate could win VIP tickets to Les Miserables in Perth including a backstage tour with costume and make-up experience. Just tag the friend you want to share this amazing prize pack with in the comments below before 5pm 26/01. T&Cs: http://on.fb.me/14TTvEY

    Jan 29 at 12:06am

  • Kym Andrews

    Karen Horrocks Andrews This would be amazing!

    Jan 22 at 01:29am

  • Jodi Mullen

    I cant wait til we go ??

    Jan 22 at 01:12am

  • Adele Harrison

    Seamus Harrison , what s brilliant experience this would be. Perth Western Australia

    Jan 22 at 01:06am

  • Sylvia Williams

    Fantastic show went with Suesnd Rick it was my Christmas Treat. Excellent.

    Jan 21 at 11:58pm

  • Sarah Smith

    Elisha, I wanna go backstage!!!!

    Jan 21 at 11:44pm

  • Colleen Moulin

    Maddie Moulin fingers crossed

    Jan 21 at 11:42pm

  • Jackie Sutherland

    Wa- or Alana Prince just because bb took me first

    Jan 21 at 11:42pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    Don’t miss your chance to take your music obsessed mate to St Jerome's Laneway Festival as a VIP. All you need to do is tell us your state and tag your Festival Fanatic mate in the comments below before 5pm 13/01 for your chance to win a VIP prize pack. T&Cs: http://on.fb.me/1zNkwTf

    Jan 12 at 01:02pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    Thanks to Disney we have 5 family movie passes to the action packed comedy Big Hero 6, in cinemas Boxing Day. Simply share your wittiest caption for this pic in the comments section below for your chance to win by 5pm 15/12. T&Cs: http://on.fb.me/1BxzFO3

    Dec 11 at 12:39pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    US rock legend Lenny Kravitz is bringing his #Strut tour to Melbourne and Sydney. Get tickets first with Visa Entertainment. Pre-sale starts 2pm Mon 15 Dec. More: http://bit.ly/1vDap5E

    Dec 10 at 02:01pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom the Musical has released new performance dates. Get tix during the Visa Entertainment Pre-sale, starts 12pm Fri 3 Oct until 11pm Sun 5 Oct. More: http://bit.ly/1B4Kv9y

    Sep 30 at 01:00pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    German-duo Milky Chance are bringing their summer sounds to Sydney. Don’t miss your chance to see “Stolen Dance” performed live. Get tix during the Visa Entertainment Pre-sale, starts 9am Mon 29 Sept until 8am Tue 30 Sept. More: http://bit.ly/1oh8zAy

    Sep 26 at 12:00pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    Don’t miss seeing the biggest names in tennis during the Australian Open Series! Get tix during the Visa Entertainment Pre-sale, starts 2pm Mon 29 Sept until 2pm Tue 30 Sept 2014. More: http://bit.ly/1tQLB7r

    Sep 24 at 12:00pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    Don’t miss your chance to see Les Misérables Australia in #Melb. Final show dates have been released, get your tix during the Visa Entertainment Australia Pre-sale starts 12pm Wed 24 Sep. More: http://bit.ly/1rraZkQ

    Sep 23 at 12:00pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    One of our lucky winners got up close to Robbie Williams in #Perth. Still with Brisbane and Sydney shows to go, who has got their tickets ready?

    Sep 22 at 01:34pm

  • Visa Entertainment

    St Jerome's Laneway Festival is back for another year! Venues and dates have just been announced. Line-up to follow soon, tell us who you are hoping to see on stage? More info: http://bit.ly/1hft9z6

    Sep 9 at 11:15am

  • Visa Entertainment

    Queen + Adam Lambert have arrived in #Perth. What song do you think will be first on their set list?

    Aug 21 at 12:46pm

  • Christine Muller

    #winnersface - pink with excitement.. Melbourne please

    May 29 at 10:46pm

  • Krystal Davies

    #Winnersface for Keith Urban in Perth, Please!! :) Would be jumping for joy!! :D

    May 28 at 01:28am

  • Krystal Davies

    #Winnersface for Keith Urban in PERTH!!! :) <3

    May 27 at 03:08am

  • Amy O'Neil

    #winnersface Keith Urban is coming to Perth Western Australia!

    May 25 at 02:07am

  • Krystal Davies

    #Winnersface Keith Urban PERTH!! Crazy for Keith!! :P

    May 25 at 02:03am

  • Amy O'Neil

    #winnersface Oh my word, Keith Urban in WA!

    May 24 at 04:10am

  • Krystal Davies

    #winnersface with my Keith sunglasses ;) PERTH, Western Australia!! :)

    May 23 at 11:01pm

  • Donna Mary Nicholls

    #winnersface Melbourne:).OMG we have been waiting too meet him for years!:(

    May 22 at 11:11pm

  • Krystal Davies

    #Winnersface - Perth, Western Australia PLEASE!!! :) <3

    May 22 at 02:28am

  • Michelle Hall


    May 21 at 10:16pm

  • Amy O'Neil

    #winnersface for Keith Urban in Perth!

    May 21 at 01:46am

  • Kalinda Franklin

    my #mywinnersface to see the amazing Mr Urban in MELBOURNE

    May 20 at 10:42pm

  • Susie Meyer

    Me if I won - a big WOW as I've never won anything!

    May 20 at 08:23pm

  • Lydia Newton

    How exciting if I was to win a meet & great with the man Keith Urban.. this is how excited I would be #winnerface my ultimate dream :) I can only dream..

    May 20 at 12:36pm

  • Juli Perry

    #winnersface Queensland !!! Cause I know a good thing when I see it!!!!

    May 20 at 12:34pm

  • Juli Perry

    #winnersface Queensland... My husband and I both Adore Keith and his music, we would love to meet him at Brisbane :)

    May 20 at 11:57am

  • Amy O'Neil

    #winnersface I would love to meet Keith Urban in Perth :)

    May 20 at 03:20am

  • Clayton Hutchinson

    #winnersface and throw in a happy dance

    May 19 at 11:53pm

  • Belinda Campbell

    I'd be this pumped if I got to meet THE MAIN MAN Mr KEITH URBAN!! #winnersface

    May 19 at 11:13pm

  • Melissa Wattus

    #winnersface meet you in Brisbane, get a tingle, I've got a 6am flight, so I've got all night. Greet you, what an honor, and it doesn't even cost a dollar. Pick me I'm the winner. Goodwill will should deliver.

    May 19 at 09:53pm

  • Ingrid Post

    #winnersface would love to meet Keith, would be worth a celebration for sure!!!

    May 19 at 02:58pm

  • Rhiannon Terry

    #winnersface ps. This was taken at last years Keith Urban concert in Sydney, you're a winner no matter where you sit ! ????

    May 19 at 12:55pm

  • Marney Cooper

    Did you say KEITH URBAN woo hoo! ps dog would stay home and mum and daughter would go :)

    May 18 at 04:52pm

  • Anna Tomaz

    Cause im happy happy happy

    May 17 at 10:27am

  • Tracey Williams-Scerri

    #winnersface Rod Laver - Melbourne I will swap you. The Meet and Greet for my children?

    May 17 at 12:36am

  • Lauren Bennett

    #winnersface Queensland. Love Keith Urban

    May 16 at 08:31am

  • Andrea Cairns

    #winnersface winners are grinners haha going to 2 x sydney and 2 x melbourne!!!

    May 15 at 09:34pm

  • Corine Fahy

    #winnersface This would be my 'winners face' if I was given the opportunity to meet Keith Urban, my eyes would be popping out of my head in disbelief! From Orange, NSW.

    May 15 at 04:44pm

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